Into the World of Animation

My first week in 2-D Animation

This is my first Animation Blog and my first time learning about animation! I am a student a Bowie State University on my senior year as a Broadcast Journalism Major.

Why am I doing this?

  • I am taking this class for fun and to learn more about animation because I love computers and art.
  • I am creating this blog because I want to share the wonderful world of animation with you!

This is how you get started!

I found a clip on YouTube by Justin Buice that explains how to make a simple animated intro for your videos! I feel like this will be very useful for the following weeks due to all the content we are going to create!

If you are low on funds due to being a parent or student (like me) you can receive a After Effects Free Trial here

When you are ready to buy after effects just use this link


Published by Jessica's Media

I currently am employed by First United Bank & Trust and married to a wonderful man, who has been an amazing father to my daughter for over 7 years. I am also a college graduate from Bowie State University, they honored me with a Bachelor of Science focusing on Broadcast Journalism (Spring 2020). My degree prior was an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Communication Arts, while in ACM I managed to accrue 4 years of work experience. I had the privilege of working for Reaction Action Pictures in a Creative Consultant role in my free time, where I learned valuable professional skills such as television production, journalism, and photography. When I am not busy with work, I spend my free time with my family and travel at least once a year. If you want to reach out just send me a message here or on my social media pages.

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