Animate Beginner

Learning my way around Animate

At this point in my life I had been used to Adobe products like In-Design, Photoshop, Lightroom, Publisher, and some other of the Adobe clouds products. But I have never worked with Adobe Animate until now. I must say I…

this program! That’s right, I cant get enough of the wonderful world of animation! I want to share a video of what I created in my first week of class on Adobe Animation.

I created this “flour sack” falling in love ❤ video using Adobe Animate and it was fun playing with all the different tools! My favorite was the onion skin because it shows you the last frame so your next frame can be more accurate!

I was taught that the best was to make the flour sack look real is to use the squash and stretch principle of animation!

Squash and Stretch (S&S for short) is the principle of applying a contrasting change of shape—from a squash pose to a stretch pose or vice versa—to give a feeling of fleshiness, flexibility, and life in animation. The absence of squash and stretch gives a rigidity or stiffness to the motion


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