East Coast USA Pageant’s first Spooktacular means first Supreme title for Veyha

Veyha Omeis Overall Supermodel Supreme with her crown

On October 11th, 2020 Veyha Omeis, age 9, competed in a Halloween themed natural beauty pageant in Towson MD. Though this was not her first time competing with ECUSA Pageants, it was her first big win. Veyha was pulled from her age division and was able to take the runway with a Supreme title. When competing in natural pageants, there are different age divisions that all of the contestants are placed in. If you earn a top category placement in the entire pageant, you can be pulled from your age group for a supreme title. Veyha says she “feels both nervous and excited” about her number not being called for the divisional crowning because that means she has earned one of the larger titles.

Veyha started competing in natural pageants on March, 2019 and has only competed in the East Coast USA Pageant’s system. The East Coast USA Pageant is for girls and women of all ages and is a fun family oriented event! They open up many opportunities for contestants such as; getting involved with modeling, going on fantastic appearances, and so much more. The pageant is a natural pageant that does not allow makeup on children under 11 and prefers a natural/light makeup look on young ladies and adults.


“Winning Overall Supermodel Supreme feels like a dream. Am I dreaming?” -Veyha

Veyha with her parents

When talking about her love for getting on stage, Veyha says “The confidence I now have from speaking on stage has helped me when I need to read out loud to my classmates. The photoshoots I have been a part of because of this pageant has taught me that I can be beautiful.” When not on stage, Veyha has an energy that can only be tamed by gymnastics twice a week with the Maryland Twisters. Recently she was able to level up in gymnastics by mastering back walk overs, round-offs, and handstands.

This day was special to Veyha for two very important reasons; she won Overall Supermodel Supreme and was able to enjoy her win with her family.

Stage Photographer: Gallizzi Photography


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